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Tuesday 15 March 2022
Mobileye – a smart eye on the future of mobility
Ariel Rosenstein, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Israeli Embassy to Switzerland, Udi Remer, Senior Director of Business Developement at Mobileye's Intelligent Mobility Solutions.

Great insight into the future of mobility, made in Israel.
Wednesday 24 November 2021
Live and on Zoom
Art & Finance – in and out of Israel
H.E. Ifat Reshef, Israeli Ambassador to Switzerland, Eric Bernheim, Art Collector, Irit Sommer, Owner of Sommer Contemporary Art Gallery in Tel Aviv and Zurich.

​Höchst interessante Vorträge und Q&A zum Sammeln und Handeln mit Kunst in Israel und hier.
Sunday 11 April 2021
on Zoom
Paradox Israel - Parallelwelten und Kraftprotz im neuen nahen Osten
Grisha Alroi-Arloser, CEO Israelisch-Deutsche Industrie und Handelskammer, Tel Aviv​

Konfliktpaare Religiös-Säkular, Orientalisch-Aschkenasisch, Neueinwanderer-Alteingesessene. Wie stehen die verschiedenen “Stämme” zu den Entwicklungen in der Region? (In deutscher Sprache)
Sunday 7 February 2021
on Zoom
Israels Wirtschaft im Wettkampf mit der Covid-Impfung

Grisha Alroi-Arloser, CEO Israelisch-Deutsche Industrie und Handelskammer, Tel Aviv​

Kraftakt Corona-Impfungen, Massnahmen des 3. Lockdown, wirtschaftliche Auswirkungen und Post-Corona-Strategien (in deutscher Sprache)
Tuesday 24. November 2020
on Zoom
The new normal in Israel and the middle east after the pandemic crises

H.E. Ambassador Jacob Keidar Israels ambassador in Berne​Richard C. Schneider, former head ARD in Israel (moderation)
Monday 23 November 2020
on Zoom
The promised land of artificial intelligence

Dr. Demis Hassabis, CEO, co-founder of DeepMindProf. Amnon Shashua, CEO, co-founder of Mobileye
Monday 4 November 2020
on Zoom
US presidential election results & the implications for the US-Israel relationship

Speaker: Amb. Alon PinkasIsrael’s Consul General in New York from 2000 – 2004
Wednesday 12 August 2020
on Zoom
Briefing on the Israeli economy and Israel Central Bank's measures in response to the Corona crisis

Prof. Amir YaronGovernor of the Bank of Israel
Thursday 9 July 2020
on Zoom
A conversation with Oscar winner Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro
Wednesday 6 May 2020
on Zoom
Independence Day of Israel with John Medved, CEO Our Crowd

John Medved